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Mentoring Solutions

Higher Education

Universities and higher education institutions can easily configure their mentoring programs. Common uses are career mentoring, peer mentoring, student onboarding and flash mentoring.

Universities are ranked on their ability to ensure students are employed after graduation. They are focused on ensuring they can generate valuable opportunities for students. With career mentoring, students are paired with a professional in their field of interest.

Membership Groups

We help you add value to your members and increase relevance to your community. This greatly improves engagement and member retention and in the process helps build new membership growth.

Corporate Organisations

There are many opportunities within corporate organisations for employees to gain invaluable growth by partnering up with more experienced colleagues. Mentoring is the perfect vehicle to facilitate this growth and learning.


Mentoring doesn't just exist in universities and corporate organisatiions but also in sporting clubs and associations as well life coaches. All the tools in mentifi are highly valuable to these segments as connecting with a mentor, setting plans, milestones and tasks to achieve these milestones are invaluable.

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Accurate Profile Matching

Get connected faster! Easy yet effective profile matching to ensure people are connected to the best suited profiles.

Better Engagement

Mentor's and Mentee's will be more engaged with the awesome collaboration and communication tools. Voice and video chat, messaging and bulletin boards.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Super easy tools to establish learning goals, set milestones and track activity progress. Manage your progress and measure the results.

Meaningful Analytics and Insights

Dashboards and analytics for not only Administrators but also Mentor's and Mentee's.

Build and publish your online forms

Create your own online forms to share with your network. Perfect to send surveys and feedback to program participants.

Manage your meetings and calendar

Mentor's and Mentee's will be more organised with integrated calendar for setting meeting dates even integrates with your GMail and Office 365 Calendar.

Easy tools for Administrators to manage their mentor program

Mentifi provides a simple settings page to configure your program. Set the rules for how many mentees a mentor can have or allow mentors to search for mentees.

Voice and video chat app all from within the application.

Are you mentoring someone who is not in the same location as you? No problem, hold all your mentoring sessions online via the voice and video chat app.

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Plans and Pricing

Private Network

The Private network option is for organisations and universities that want a closed, private community of Mentor's and Mentee's. They can control who is invited to join the program and they are not visible to members on the mentifi public network. They can invite internal and external people to the organisations program.

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1 – 5 people

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6 – 250 people

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251 – 500 people

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501 – 1500 people

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1500+ people

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Public Network

Coming soon! The public network option is for individuals that want to connect and engage with people on the public community of Mentor's and Mentee's. They can also invite existing colleagues to connect with them on the network. They can search and connect with people within the mentifi public network.

Public Network

1 Person


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